Mashhad Glaze

Mashad glaze industrial complex is situated on the outskirts of mashad, the second largest and most important city located in the north east of the country, neighboring Afghanistan on the east. The geographical situation make the city a favorable place for investment and export opportunities. The company started production of ceramic frits and enamels with an approximate yearly output of 1000.00 metric tonnes in 1982. After years of continuous expansion and renovations, it now enjoys modern installations and automatic production facilities which are supported by the most advanced research and development laboratories, which is unique in the whole Middle East. Frit production plants consist of various departments, namely: raw material preparation, automatic batching and weighing dept and the melting kilns dept. The annual frit production capacity is now rating between 35 to 50 thousand metric tonnes in accordance with market demand. Colour and stain plant is equipped with latest technology machinery and it is responsible for production of 1500 mtons various types of stain, body stain and high quality luster and other printing powders used in ceramic industry. Mashad glaze sales and marketing policies have turned the company into a world class frit manufacturer. Apart from the booming local tile and ceramic industry, we are now the only exporter of various products supplying customers in countries such as Turkey,U.A.E., Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Kuwait, France and England. Last but not least, our policies for protection of living environment are considered as prime concern and priority .

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